i'd rather have cereal with stevia because i'm not putting on any weight with it.

substitute for sugar
by IEATHORSES January 21, 2013
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Stevia is fuel for the human body. When mixed with water in a blender it separates into pure H20. COLD FUSION IN YOUR KITCHEN.
If I had known that Stevia could create cold fusion I would have been an All American at Notre Dame.
by deadt0m April 24, 2009
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You are morally obligated to put it in your tea.
That would be the ricin I gave you. I slipped it into that Stevia crap that you're always putting in your tea.
by NovaPrime709 September 18, 2020
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An older male in a relationship with a young woman that has daddy issues. The stevia daddy does not give any money or gifts.
1) Now you can get all the loving , neglect and fuckery with 0% of the money! sign up at stevia daddy .com and make your dream come true.

synomyms Splenda Daddy
by 7proxynation June 12, 2016
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A babe who is demisexual(or just uninterested in casual sex) and appreciates generosity in a respectful/healthy way. Somewhat similar to a sugar baby but without the sexual implication.

"A stevia babe goes out with you if you're paying, but she's probably not gonna sleep with you."

"Our love is purely platonic but I'm usually the one paying when I'm with my adorable stevia babe."
by SundayMoonday April 09, 2016
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Whereas sugar coating involves omitting or downplaying information to make it more palatable, stevia coating is purely additive, preserving all of the original detail, but serving it alongside more pleasant, funny, or comforting information.


True statement: "She didn't call back because you freaked her out with all the muppet-themed foreplay."

Sugar coated statement: "She might feel awkward because you came on a little strong."

Stevia coated statement: "You have a good heart, and a charming personality, but when you try to bring in Muppet stuff so soon, it leaves them with a weird impression. If you hold off on that until they know you really well, girls will be swarming you in no time."
"I usually stevia coat bad news"

"My family never sugar coats anything, but for us, stevia coating is a time-honored tradition."
by Cato the Lesser December 02, 2020
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