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steveism is a religion in which steve is god.
steveism is a brand new religion which is based around steve being the overall lord and messiah of the universe.
what or who steve is nobody knows, but what we do know is that if you stick to the laws of steveism, you will join steve in stevetopia, the most wonderful place EVVVA!
Dont delay, join today!!
and if you do join, you will receive a cup and pencil from your nearest steveopolsimo (the steve place of worship, yet to be created, so you aint gettin a cup or a pencil)
"my religion sucks"
"join steveism, its great"
"here have a cup, and a pencil"
by steve666 March 18, 2007
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To do something brilliant, rather by innate capability or by some stupid coincidence of luck. No matter, those you rule, and those who abide by your rule think you are pure genius, even when you are being obtuse.
"If you are good to your customers and provide service, there is a strong likelihood they will re-order from you.What a steveism"
by Hayden Price May 19, 2006
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Steveism is the religion of believing in a second, higher Earth once you die. If you gain enough knowledge and insight on Earth you will be accepted to a higher earth of more developed beings.

If you do not gain enough knowledge before you die, you will be reincarnated and put back onto Earth to try again.
There is no God, only a 4th dimensional being known as Steve, who simple makes sure the universe is at balance.

There is no sort of church of prayer, just simple learning is what makes it happy.
Steveism is cool
by Oxphus August 11, 2018
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