the bestest rapcore band ever. from new zealand lead singer tyson kennedy is the hottest guy and his voice is soooo great. i <3 them.
dude steriogram opened for soco and yellowcard last friday, it was crazy!
by emalie April 6, 2004
The best Kiwi Rock group in ages, they have a really unique sound and a kick ass record if anybody other than me has the guts to actually buy a CD anymore.
Yo, I heard this wicked song on the radio yesterday.
Dude, let me guess, it was Steriogram.
Yeah, how did you know?
Duh, they are the best band out there next to Franz Ferdinand and Jet.
by Bob the Magician May 27, 2004
an awesome band from new zealand who has had at least one hit- Walkie Talkie Man, and their cd "Shmack" is really good
me:wow this is an awesome song
man:woah who's it by?
me:steriogram, you silly little monkey!
by woah_dudette July 27, 2005
A great band who at the time only has 1 fucking song. From New Zealand and I would buy their album if it has more then that song on it.
Linkin Park needs a new song but Steriogram needs a new song
by Weasel September 9, 2004
a sexc kiwi band feom new zealand that makez me wanna kidnap them all n make them play again
tyson kennedy is like so fucking hot i want him n like theyre amazing
person 1: hey do u remember that smash hit from when we were kids
person 2: which one?
person 1: walkie talkie man! by steriogram!
by Fallsias_ November 23, 2022