A step parent is someone who assumes the role of parent, is married to one of the biological parents, and is not a biological parent. Sometimes this person is more of a parent to the child than the biological parent, sometimes this person is not.
My biological dad's fourth wife is my step mother. The guy I call dad is my biological mother's second husband.
by taraneh October 20, 2004
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someone who trys to act like you real parent. They treat you like trash most of the time. You other parent (the one that remarried)does not care how this person treats you.
My step-parent trys to act like his is my real dad, but he is a nothing but a no good asshole
by Lisa October 11, 2004
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More often than not, a total shit. Males of this catergory are normally inbred homophobic rednecks with inadequate jobs
Step Parent: "This is my fucking house and you do what I say"
me: "This isn't your house, you moved into my home"
by Nihility January 31, 2004
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A parent that marrys someone in whom he or she falls in love with, who after being tortured with no sex, has to deal with the offspring of another while they tear the neighbohood apart with the protection of the biological parent.
Justin, my stepson...........
by MASTERBLASTER February 13, 2005
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A mother or father figure to a child that is not married to the childs parent.

A mother or father figure that stepped-up to the plate.
I'm here to pick up my son from the nurses office, I'm his step-up parent.
by BoxedCheri February 17, 2017
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