A rogue ability in Word of Warcraft. This ability enables the rogue to sneak around enemies such as horde or game enemies. This gives the rogue to upper hand in the fight as it can stun lock the opponent but using Cheap Shot as the opening move.

However, if the rogue gets to close to a game enemy the enemy will sense it and attact. The chance of this happening can be decreased by using talent points. Also, if a player or enemy is a certain amount of levels higher than the rogue, it can be seen therefore making stealth useless.
A rogue stealths up to an unsuspecting enemy and stunlocks/ambushes it without it having time to react.
by 1337rogue November 30, 2005
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To rape virgins
Timmy got so stealth last night...that girl Vicky was screaming like a wild cat.

Contrary to popular belief, the act of "stealthing" is not suave. In fact, it will probably wind you up in jail.
by Disc Jockey Jones November 09, 2008
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The act of "Stealthing" refers to hooking up with a chic on the down low. This is the result of one of two things, either you or they aren't adequate for the others standards, but you are too horny to pass up the opportunity. Or you are in a relationship with someone and wish to enforce promiscuity.
Yeah dude, I hear that they've been stealthing for a couple of months.
by thegualc July 30, 2010
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this word is an adjective...(which means it discribes the way a person does something)
stealth: a way to aquire something by sneaking around
a useful way to steal
Tom skulks around stealthily in order to steal the cookies
by Sammy K. July 05, 2006
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Stealth (Stelth)
1. Meaning to move or do something without people knowing; to move sneakily. To move without attracting attention in order to do something without anybody knowing. Commonly used by ninja, peasant spies and assasins, during Fuedal Japan hired by Daimyo, Samurai, and other important upper classes. Modern day spies sometimes use this during missions.
2. (Slang) To date somebody without anybody knowing.
3. (Slang) To raid or steal loot from an enemy camp or base, commonly used in MMOs.
4. The act of sneaking so nobody will notice you.
5. (Slang) A sex move where during sex with your significant other or lover, place a dildo into her anus during buttsex and make sure the lights are off so she still thinks you're behind still behind her, then come in front and go ahead from there!
6. A game where you go into a large building and a team of 3 to 5 are ninja/spies and everybody else are guards. The objective of the ninja/spies is to either kill the objective or take the objective. The goal for the guards/samurai is to protect the objective. The guards can have any airsoft gun while spies have airsoft pistols and any melee weapon. If killed, go to the entrance of the building and come back in after a few minutes. The game can last up to 3-5 hours. The spies have to use stealth and can go into vents, climb walls, into windows, or anything.
1. John stealthy techniques to sneak past the guard. He was a rookie spy and guards surrounded the building. He used his stealth training to get past them and get to the objective without being seen.
2. Kim stealthed with the boy downtown. If her parents catch her, she'll be dead!
3. Kevin ran into the base and took all weapons and armor he can find and fit into his inventory. He only took the enchanted, strong weapons that can be useful for later. He ran out as soon as the camp leaders got into their base!
4. Ronald used stealth to try and get to his father's room to get his GTA VII back. He was only 13 and his parents are too strict to let him have a violent game. He failed because his mom was in the room playing Candy Break on her phone. He was grounded for an extra five days.
by KingTrololo December 27, 2013
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- adj.- meaning awesome, cool, deck
1. Having the shoplifting-off at the mall earned me some major stealth points.

2. His messenger bag looked so stealth with the new band pins that we just put on it.
by Carla's face February 23, 2005
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to stealth (verb)
To steal, to borrow.
(to borrow)
friend: "Mate I hope you don't mind I stealthed your answers to the homework"

(to steal)
you: "I can't find my phone. Did someone stealth it?"
by BoiledLollies April 28, 2008
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