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"Dude have you met my friend Stavros, he is such a Stavro!"
by Greeklightning February 28, 2017
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Guy with HUGE dick. But he wastes it on masterbating. Then his mom walks in and gives him a big spanking.
Wow he looks like a Stavros
by AmyE 312 April 04, 2017
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Stavro is a person who has an amazing everything, he's smart, cool, funny, and just an overall amazing person. All the how's just swarm him because they know he can treat a woman right.
Don't you just love him.
Yea he looks like a huge Stavro
by Jackthefactman June 12, 2017
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"To pull a Stavro"

On the FFVII Citadel forums, a "stavro" is an error caused by incorrect HTML table use. Somebody is said to "pull a stavro" if they cause said error.

It is named after Stavro Mueller, the first person to cause this error on the Citadel's first Acmlmboard
I'll go fix that Stavro
by ChibiTaryn August 01, 2003
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The opposite of kojak vis a vis a woman's fun zone. Fully haired up, ala 1970s.
Dude, that chick I was with last night had the Stavros goin on down below... I had so much hair in my teeth, I looked like I had cat whiskers.
by Sid Viscous May 29, 2007
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a very annoying guy who acts like a women, he is also a very fat guy who likes to eat more than usual most likely to eat dick and he is the pussydent of Germany. don't forget he is also a very ugly bastard.never be friends with a stavro or else you will end up like him then regret it.MAKE GOOD CHOICES
Wow that guy acts like a stavro
by Pussydent July 25, 2018
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