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steroid 1: I'm soooo psyched today!!!!!
steroid 2: Really? normally u say so with one "o" and one explanation mark...
steroid 1: I know.. just now I'm taking steroids myself.
steroid 2: I don't know what to call u... a cannibal or a staroid.
steroid 1: I like staroid better.
athlete: come here you two!
by john claud the third February 02, 2008
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High-powered mind-and-body-altering drugs that cause the user to just completely "space out" and gaze blankly at random objects/people for long periods of time without blinking.
Someone on staroids would do well to obtain a 24/7 assistant to administer eyedrops regularly.
by QuacksO June 05, 2017
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