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1. someone who poops on poor people
2. lover of donkey shows
3. someone who doesnt know the difference between a deep fuck and a regular fuck
That chick took a massive dump on a homeless person yesterday, what a starkey.
by Debate November 22, 2007
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A socailly spasticated person who has a small peanut sized and shaped head and may also confuse ox bow lakes with oxo cubes. ocasionally reveals her lady garden to the world
my name is Starkey and i have a peanut head and i am spasticated


-hey im spasticated and im called starkey, and i make gravy from ox bow lakes
by Dauncelaar October 18, 2009
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A Starkey can be defined as one who defecates on a more than regular basis.

Is known for his keen ability for munging, and is often an addict to the sport.

Often will be found enjoying anal sports.
"Wow, that guy is quite a starkey!"

"Man, what a rad night of munging, we are such starkeys!"

by Big Black-ie-poo July 15, 2008
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A surname, originating from Scottish clans. Someone with the last name is usually short. They can be a very firm person, and sometimes uptight. They always manage to make the best of a hard situation
The language arts teacher, Mrs. Starkey, is firm and harsh, but seems to do fun games
by itsyourlovelife May 03, 2016
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