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With the continued success of smiking, a new phenomenon of 'starfing' was spawned. Former (or current) smikers such as Jizz and Bitchin' took smiking to Starbucks coffee shops anywhere and everywhere. On very rare but welcome occasions, individuals such as Flo from Capital City join in to bring new dimensions of conversations to a starfing session.

The word itself began as a deliberate misspelling of 'Starbucks' as 'Starfucks', but since the new word was too vulgar, the Bitchin' Lee deemed it necessary to shorten it to simply 'starf'. In essence, to starf is to smike during the daytime.

It is a term used to denote a wanton waste of time spent sipping iced caramel macchiatos, smoking Mild Sevens or Bohem No.6's while discussing issues such as what needs to be done to Nasties' ride, or the latest apps on smartphones.
Bitchin': Starf?
Nasties: ye. at t---?
Bitchin': ye. See you in 15 minutes.

-one iced caramel macchiato, one long black, 17 cigarettes later and 2 hours later-

Nasties: oh mean! jizz is coming!
Bitchin': Better get more smokes...
by Zen3 September 04, 2011
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