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A traffic intersection that, because of a lack of a protected turn and the flow of traffic, only lets one vehicle through per cycle of lights.
That guy up there is turning left and the light just turned green, by the time he turns, it'll be red again. I hate telegraph intersections.
by Lord Butterknife May 10, 2017
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The right hand side of a naval vessel or airplane.
Iceberg sir. I put her hard-a-starboard and reversed the engines, but she was too close. - A night to remember.
by Lord Butterknife November 18, 2005
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The left hand side of any naval vessel, so named because during old times, when docking, it was the side facing the docks themselves, sometomes called larboard.
Open the port jet control. Cut the hydraulics. (Kaylee is firefly - Pilot Episode)
by Lord Butterknife November 18, 2005
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1. Slang term for a vulgar word because most of the most vulgar words are four letters long. All of George Carlin's Seven Dirty words are either four letters long, or contain a vulgar four letter word.

2. Any word, that while not vulgar, may have unpleasant connotations to the person referring to it as such.
1. Bob got fired from his job because he said a four letter word to a customer

2. Love is a four letter word
by Lord Butterknife December 20, 2008
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After we poured the slab, we had to consolidate the wet concrete with a horse cock.
by Lord Butterknife December 16, 2016
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In some MMO's the collection of equipment that provides the best stats do not aesthetically match (so called Best in Slot, so while your character may be performing the best that they can with the equipment, they resemble a clown in the mismatched colors and styles of the armor that they're wearing.
With that last piece of shoulder armor that I got, I'm now wearing a clown suit.
by Lord Butterknife April 5, 2011
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(n) Defined as food that gives emotional comfort to the one eating it, these tend to be favorite foods of childhood, or linked to a person, place or time with which the food has a positive association.
Grandma always made the best mashed potatoes and gravy, they've become a comfort food for me.
by Lord Butterknife September 13, 2005
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