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a cuter way of saying hug, cuddle, snuggle or a warm embrace.
It's like when you want to put your arms around him and squeeze him tight.
A: Beryl is sooo down today.
B. c'mon let's cheer her up and give her a squeezie :)
by primaverabebe February 12, 2011
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A nickname for someone you love. A Squeezie is not only your lover but also your best friend. The best kind of Squeezies are Christopher's and Chelsea's.
Hey Squeezie!

I love my Squeezie
by chelisity_xo January 15, 2015
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A dude who has power over all because of his god- like appearance. This man plays lead guitar for a multitude of bands. He also plays ice hockey but sux at it. Squeezie is a chick magnet that all the hott chicks flock to, and I don't mean chickens! This man is also HUGE. He can consume much beverage and state altering material. He is Jewish, Christian, Irish, Atheist, German, African, Russian, Italian, and part horse. Although some of these origins are not visible from the outside, if you look up his butt, you might find something landing on your face. WARNING: Squeezie is addictive because of his humor and could incinerate your brain with laughter.
All the bitch's are addicted to Squeezie; no lie.
by Squeezie Them Boobies March 01, 2009
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