Like weed, or pot, squeef is another word for marijuana. This word has apparently been confused with queef, but it has nothing to do with the sound of air being squeezed out of the vaginal canal.
Hey dude I wanna get high. Let's go out in the woods and smoke some squeef.
Yo, I'm new in town. Do you know where I can score some squeef, Bro?
by Ramon B. Gariza February 12, 2006
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Marijuana, Cannabis-Sativa
"Yo man, you got any squeef??"
by PenisFace July 22, 2003
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a bag of shitty old man pot
"Which one you boys has the fat bag of squeef?"- The Buck god rest his soul
by swifty8978 February 9, 2008
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when someone queefs but shit comes out.
squeefing is the same to queefing as farting is to sharting.
I accidently squeefed during sex and blew doodems all over the bed sheets.
by pantsboy November 13, 2008
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The explosion of air trapped in the urethra of a male. Typically caused from rapid masturbation. The male equivalence of a queef.
When I was giving her a money shot, I squeefed in her face.
While peeing, I squeefed so hard my pee coagulated at the tip and blew off my head.
by Sir Fakemann March 13, 2015
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(Scottish slang): a pathetic, insignificant person; a nobody.
"See thon Helen McMillan, she's a wee squeef!"
by KevinHudson July 19, 2009
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A tabe (or table tennis) score concept. If one person scores 6 points in a row from a score of zero then they win the game. If the squeefer's opponent won some points before the squeefer won any, then have performed a reverse squeef.
"Cheedle, I'm going to squeef you."
"Stefan's been squeefed!"
by The Bolt! December 27, 2008
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