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A sound I hear repeatedly every night from my parents bedroom.
*squeak squeak squeak* ...

What are they doing in there?
by Confused March 05, 2004
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The sound your adorable girlfriend makes when she's laughing! Sometimes she does it when she's scared, and she gets angry when you tell her about it!
Guy: Hey check this out!
Girl: Hahahahha -squeak-
Guy: Ha you squeaked!
Girl: No, I didn't! -squeak-
Guy: You did it again!
by Reevaluateyourself May 08, 2013
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Squeak is someone who is a little bitch for someone,or someone extremly cool and is everyone friends
SQUEAK is a lil bitch,or squeak is fucking kick ass
by robbiet6 March 26, 2007
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vb. n.
to squeak.
1. vb. to copulate in a not so vulgar manner, esp. with someone you don't know. eg. Hey, why don't we squeak?
2. vb. to flirt sexually or be seen to "pet heavy" on another in public so that it seems the two of you might copulate then, or sometime in the near future. eg. Holy shit, look, david and susan are getting a little squeaky over there.

eg. Let's get squeaky, Marsha.

3. n. one's referenced chance to get laid or incident of having been laid in the past. also, this can be in reference to a sexual partner
eg. What about that squeak you had?
eg. You gonna get your squeak anytime soon?
All examples are listed above for ease of reference.
by bucket/ something is a bucket February 11, 2005
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That nickname you give the coolest guy in the world after he mistakes a bed for a girl.
Squeak was slamming that girl last night and all he heard was squeaking.
by -big squeak January 12, 2006
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The motherfucking man, resides right outside of good old Kennett Square, PA. Has a sexy female roommate and puffs the best 'dro you know. Loves rap, cars and girls, nice girls not smuts.
That cat's as cool as Squeak.
by The Unknown Pimp March 24, 2005
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