The act of a man positioning himself so that while a woman(or man) is in doggy position on the floor, or on the bed, he can be at the same elevation as her and having enough leverage to make sure both parties ejaculate. This results in a position that looks somewhat like shitting in the woods.
Did you see that porno I was watching?

Yea, that guy was really intense, he was squat fucking her and everything.
by The Spease August 27, 2009
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when a woman wearing super high heels squats over an erect man (laying flat on the floor) and slides up and down on him continuously until orgasms explode!
as the mistress walked into the hotel room she noticed her man laying on the floor, her presence made his cock immediately erect and she hiked up her tube top dress, straddled him and squat fucking him good!!!
by secret mistress July 19, 2017
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A sexual act that involves a male and a female. The woman is positioned with her back on the floor and raises her hips and legs in the air so her vagina is parallel with the ceiling. The male then lets out a loud shriek before rushing over to the woman and inserts his penis into her vagina. He then vigorously, and simultaneously, pounds on her vagina like a pair of congo drums. This was first done by horny tribesmen in Swahili centuries ago. However, it was perfected by the Mayans.
Joe: I was feeling kind if diverse last night with Bonnie.

Bob: Ahhhh she gave you the old Swahili Squat Fuck.
by TESTICLETWISTER December 22, 2013
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Occurs when a girl is sitting on your penis and you hop around in the room and squat when you land.
John: Whatd you do wit yo girl last night?
Dan: I gave her that African Fuck Squat
by OG White Van November 4, 2016
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"I don't give a fuck if you're on your last warning, gimme a 20% goodwill discount or I'll kick your teeth down your throat, you miserable little Squat-Fuck"
by Smear test August 23, 2017
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A short or small person that is an arsehole or generally a bar person
Do you you know Steve?
Is Steve the short guy?
Yeah that’s him
Yeah fuck that guy he’s a midget squat fuck
by Frogsquatch November 11, 2020
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