A usually past passing storm with lots of rain, thunder, lightning and wind. During the winter, there can also be snow squalls.
A squall line is moving across New York, causing power outages across the state.
by weatherman January 16, 2004
Squalle means "to Run Swiftly" Usually used when one is spotted by the police doing something illegal. Squalle comes from the squall which is an intense storm. Adapted by private school kids in nyc, whent they were smoking weed and were followed by the police.
"Dude is that the cops?"
"holy shit man, Squalle."
by Jgreene January 16, 2005
A character from the video game franchise FINAL FANTASY made by the company SQUARE ENIX. He is specifically from FINAL FANTASY VIII, as the main protagonist. Stoic, calm and socially awkward, he is depicted as a "lone wolf" and does not like to involve anyone in his problems. As the story of FINAL FANTASY VIII progresses, the player begins to understand him more and more, as he is extremely relatable to teenagers everywhere. His favourite animal is the lion. He wields a gunblade called The Revolver.

-Mimi, Squall's biggest fan.

Squall: "I worry to much about what others think of me."
Squall: "Then go talk to a wall."
Squall: "I dreamt I was a moron."
Squall:"NO!!! I WON'T HAVE IT!!!"

Quotes from DISSIDIA:

Squall: "That was no enemy of mine."
Squall: "Gone talkin' to a wall..."
Squall: "Here goes...*slash*...Mission Accomplished."
Squall: "How'd you like this?!"

Quotes from DISSIDIA 012 duodecim:

Squall: "I just believe in myself."
Squall: "I do things my way."
Squall: "You're my prey?"
Squall: "Lion's Prevail!"
by MimiNessLeonhart December 18, 2016
Squall? (cigarette?), I only got one squall left, I was just outside bangin a squall,
by Duss February 9, 2010
To smoke a large quantity of cigarettes in a short period of time.
Sabrina: What are you doing afterschool?
Hannah: I dont know
Sabrina: Wanna squall in the Taco Bell parking lot?
Hannah: Fuck yes!
by Sablyfe November 25, 2013