n. (sqaw`doosh): Italian-American slang used to describe something that is missing, absent, or forgotten; usually refers to a concrete or abstract object or idea
Tony Big Knuckles was supposed to stop by the house with some canoles and lobster tails. But instead, all he brought was squadoosh, so I put him in the closet.
by Frankie Little Knuckles February 1, 2006
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Expression coined by Norman Chad, host of ESPN's World Series of Poker which serves as a substitution for the word NOTHING, or a lack of something.
" after the river (poker) :

Lon McEachern: Gold is trying to determine what the young, abrasive Molina is holding.

Norman Chad: Call Gold! He's got squadoosh!
by Steven Muntner AKA the RAT MAN December 7, 2006
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an expression from the game of soccer that signifies extreme excitement or astonishment following an incredible move or skill
by edddddd June 16, 2007
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