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To squeeze or manipulate with the hands; usually used as part of a derogatory phrase. Scottish in origin, popularised by Chewin' the Fat.
Go an hen, gi' us a squadge av yer fannay.
by Malcy Bee February 13, 2005
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noun: a thing that a choir boy receives in excess

verb: a form of suffocation

adjective: squadgey (amer squadgy)
1. having a fish-like consistency
2. smelling musty or with a strong, yet pleasant, smell or taste
"He joined the choir because his friend assured him he'd get tons of squadge."

"Dude, if you had to choose how you'd die, what would you pick?"
"Are you kidding? It's clear -- I'd wanna be squadged to death."

"This must be my lunch from yesterday; this cheese is all squadgey."
by Shimmo February 17, 2008
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