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1.A sound emitted by rodents, Can mean numerous things,
1. Newborn rodent: Quiet,consistent,barely audible sqeaking.
Meaning The newborn is trying to establish contact with it's parent(s) and littermates.
2. Newborn rodent: Loud, high pitched sqeak or sqeaking.
Meaning: Reaction to a bite delivered by the parents to see if they are alive or healthy (This bite is usualy delivered to the less active newborns).
3. Young "adolecent" rodent: Loud sqeaking. When the rodent is near or being cornered by adults that may or not be it's parents.
Meaning: Tells the adults that they are dealing with a harmless youngster.
4. Adult: Loud,consistent sqeaking
Meaning: Two adults are fighting because their cage is too small, There is a female in the cage (In the case of two males fighting) or because Two unfamiliar adults just met.
2. The sound an old door or gate makes when it hasn't been oiled or propely cared for.
1.By the sqeaking coming from the cage of his hamsters, Johnny could tell that they were fighting again.
2. The old gate sqeaked as he opened it.
by guest drone #89 January 02, 2005
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