18 definitions by Boi_person

A over the counter baby is given if you go to the doctor for your loneliness, and you are prescribed with 1 prescription of baby
Linda: I was felling lonely, so I went and got some over the counter baby
Vanessa: cool
by Boi_person May 22, 2016
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Those super creaky stairs that sound like a fucking fire truck is in the house
Me: I was coming downstairs to use the bath room, until I remembered about those fucking firetrucks

Friend: grandma's stairs?
Me: yea there so loud
by Boi_person May 22, 2016
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Fucuntit is here by on a swear. It is a combo of fuck, cunt, and tit
boi, that kid is really fucuntit in the head, you know?
by Boi_person May 22, 2016
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Basically just a huge farm vehicle made for picking cotton
Fuck regular niggers when you got that ultranigger
by Boi_person May 22, 2016
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A smackable-face is when some one looks at you, encouraging for you to smack there sassy face
Damnit billy, don't give me the 'smackable-face', or you know what's gonna happen!
by Boi_person May 21, 2016
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Raichuing is when you clip your testies to a car battery and cum in a girl. While you cum it will electrocute her vag for the ultimate orgasm. The last step is to scream "RAICHU!!!" While you are doing it.
Ash: yo, Brock, I did some serious raichuing to some jigglypuffs, wanna come and do it too?
Brock: nah I'm good fam
by Boi_person May 22, 2016
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Shlip shlop is what Bill Cosby says, indicating a sucking noise. (Most likely a cock)
"Are you bout to shlip shlop my puddin pop?"
by Boi_person May 22, 2016
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