A group of intellectual and diverse individuals, who never cease to impress and dominate their csgo's lobbys
Hey vig, this do be lookin like a 5 man..
by adarisah January 29, 2021
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(noun) when a "ho" (woman) simultaneously pleasures five men using both of her hands and the three common sexual orifices.
Janie just did a threesome, i think she might be ready for a 5 man dance!
by dan plan July 11, 2008
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a 5 man switch is a term usually used in prison when a new inmate is added... when they take thier first shower 1 man grabs his left arm 1 grabs his right the 3rd guy grabs a leg and same with the 4th and the fifth gives him anal and they all switch after a period of time until everyone has had a turn.
"Boy if you don't straighten up me and my friends will give you the 5 man switch."
by T McBaggins February 18, 2010
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A nigga that can only last 5 minutes in bed, He cums too quick
So we were fuckin' and all I know is he stopped 5 minutes in and shit, he got off and I was like what the fuck?! 5 minutes my nigga really?!
"Bitch you got yo self a muthafuckin 5 minute man XD oh my gosh this is so fuckin' rich."
by Beautyfadesdumbisforever! February 12, 2016
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5 man gang means 5 men who get an extreme amount of bitches
Jimmy and his 4 friends are considered a 5 man gang
by binnaboy April 22, 2022
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