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male jizz that has strayed from its intended course.
Tim was pumpin his pickle and spuged all over himslef, completely missing his jizz rag.
by Rob da Dawg April 29, 2003
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I take issue with the existing definition. If one were to deposit male jizz onto a woman breasts, i don't think anyone would argue that it could be referred to as spuge (spooge). But if her breasts are in fact the "intended course," then the existing definition would discredit it as spuge (spoke). Allow me to submit this definition... "Spuge (Spooge) is male ejaculate that has been launched externally, free to chart it's own course whether the destination be intended or unintended."
I ate three dozen oysters yesterday so that i could paint my girlfriend white with spuge (spooge) today.
by Happy Hug Recipient August 27, 2016
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A mix of every kind of bodily fluid that can end up on your shoes. Includes blood, vomit, shit, piss, pus, phlegm, etc...
Oh man, I was in the operating room yesterday and got spuge all over my new clogs!
by heartdoctah January 30, 2011
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