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when you masturbate, or "wank", take a dump, or "poo", and puke, or "womit" at the same time
dude I spronked so hard this morninยด my schnaze is so sore
by henkster/hobophobic/razz December 04, 2003
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To be banged, smashed, fucked or penetrated in a homosexual way. To have homosexual relations or preform homosexual oral acts.
Can you come over and spronk me? gay homosexual banged
by Alistair Martin May 26, 2017
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Past tense spronked.

When you're trying to grind on someone at the middle school dance, but the school principle is watching so you have to resort to airhumping her from across the middle school gymnasium.
"I was feeling a bit hot and bothered at the dance, but I could only feel her up through a spronk because the teacher knows my dad. "
by The Thickness Sickness January 29, 2018
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