these is why yo girl is wet

yo girl sees my rims and her coochie is gettn wet just watchin em' spin
by ice cream man September 14, 2003
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balla for minnesota t-wolves
aka the choker of his ex-coach carlisimo
by nycballa September 6, 2003
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To choke an authority figure while in an argument.
That bitch kept screaming at me so I sprewelled her until her head exploded.
by stooptard September 6, 2003
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to choke someone out
I'm about to pull a Sprewell on that young'n
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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The former NBA player who is famous for inventing spinning rims, which are sometimes called sprewells in his honor, along with the Dada Supreme shoes which feature spinning rims. He was suspended from the NBA at one point for trying to strangle then punching his coach.
Damn, did you hear about what Latrell Sprewell did to his coach?!

Thanks to Latrell Sprewell the rims on my ride never have to stop spinning.
by agentsteve November 25, 2005
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