A devoted fan of the southern, blues, rock and rhythm band Widespread Panic. This flip-flop wearing person typically grasps the exemplary sound and contagious vibe of good energy promoted, sought after and achieved by the players in the band. Although many fans come off as dopers who have only passion in life - the Panic - they are a diverse group of music lovers out to have a blow-out good time and leave with memories of living it up right.

Regardless of their attire, language and private lives, when a spreadhead goes to a Panic show, he or she becomes one of many and reveres the warmth of anonymity and unquestioned unity. Often a spreadhead will perform worship rituals and close his or her eyes while swaying to and fro.
Spreadhead #1: "Man, when I heard Walking at Red Rocks in '93 I almost crapped my pants and then I proposed to my now wife right there and then."

Spreadhead #2: "Yeah, bro, I tripped harder than I ever will again when I saw Mikey play Airplane for the last time. And you know what, man? I didn't even take any drugs..."

Panic show virgin: "I'm sorry guys, but this is my first Panic show and your contest vying for the most devoted fan is keeping me from enjoying it."

Spreadheads: "Whoa, sorry babe. Rock on, Schools!"
by Molly C October 19, 2007
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One who is a Widespread Panic fan, on an extreme level. Often characterized by smoking copious amounts of pot, eating caps, and dropping the occasion hit, and traveling through 3 states to attend a WSP concert.
My Roommate: You fucking Spreadhead, clean up your Taco Bell trash and turn down the music.

Me:Hold up, bro. Have you heard Mikey's jam in Dyin' Man on the "Live in the Classic City" album? Want to rip the bong?

My Roommate: Jesus, get a job.

Me: Fine. How about a mushroom cap?
by Wallis Fuller August 17, 2006
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Young people with unfortunate music taste; easily identifiable because they dress, talk, and act exactly the same way- due to conformity and/or the heavy drug use has reduced IQ to dangerous levels.

guys: khaki shorts, flip flops, visor, sunglasses, giant hemp necklace- only for use at shows (wouldn't want to wear that back at the frat), earliest WSP shirt they can find- the more obscure the better- particularly if it contains an inside reference to a revered song, and a pocket or two full of drugs-preferably E; particular reverence to JB & whatever show they attended that was located furthest from their present location

girls- anything lightweight and hemp, patchwork flowy skirts, hemp jewelry, incredibly pale, no makeup, very thin (though some are chubby, they're just potheads, only occasional E users), purse full of drugs, preferably E

If these poor misguided youth would stop their continual drug use, they would understand that the music sucks @ss, and they only attend shows for the abundance of drugs.

Their only redeemable quality is the free distribution of drugs to strangers when high on E at shows...and the humor you enjoy while watching this many drugged-out yuppie kids try to dance.
Q: "did you see that group of spreadheads over there?"

A: "yea, what douchebags. they actually believe they're the new deadheads."

Q: "did you see the white guy with dreads come out of that lexus SUV?"

A: "must be a spreadhead"
by not tonedeaf August 17, 2006
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spreadhead (noun) 1. facing pages 2. new underground guerrilla exploratory art and literature in the new medium (www.spreadhead.net)
by rigor mortis August 30, 2003
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