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One who is a Widespread Panic fan, on an extreme level. Often characterized by smoking copious amounts of pot, eating caps, and dropping the occasion hit, and traveling through 3 states to attend a WSP concert.
My Roommate: You fucking Spreadhead, clean up your Taco Bell trash and turn down the music.

Me:Hold up, bro. Have you heard Mikey's jam in Dyin' Man on the "Live in the Classic City" album? Want to rip the bong?

My Roommate: Jesus, get a job.

Me: Fine. How about a mushroom cap?
by Wallis Fuller August 18, 2006
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An old Oak tree in Marietta, Ga with one large, mis-shapen branch that strangly resembles a penis. COntrary to popular belief, to young people from Old Marietta, this is the most well known landmark, not The Big Chicken.
Yeah, all you have to do is hang a left after the Penis Tree and you'll be on Kennesaw Avenue.
by Wallis Fuller September 7, 2006
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Derogatory term for a Black person, first appearing in the deep south during Reconstruction. Many freed slaves, seking gainful employment along the southern Atlantic coast worked in paper factories. Most were employed to carry the wood pulp in and out of the factories, thus giving the name of Pulp Woods.
person A: Somebody broke into my car and stole my CDs.
person B: Do you know who it was?
person A: Probably a Pulp Wood.
by Wallis Fuller August 24, 2006
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"What Would Russ Hudson Do?". You typically ask yourself this question when at a crossroad or any other type of quandry, and it is always answered by one simple sentence; "Black the fuck out"
Josh: I don't know what to do about the situation with this chick.
Austin: Dude, W.W.R.H.D.?
Josh: Shit yeah!
by Wallis Fuller August 15, 2006
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