He wanted to splooter over her tits
by Nesty.... January 4, 2012
One who sploots objects (such as soap or marbles).
"In competitions Rod was always the best splooter"
by Liam April 3, 2007
Similar to splattered but with more gumption. It is a more explosive form of splattering.
The birthday girl was splootered with some brightly colored paint, which turned her plain white T-shirt into an epic rendition of the new trend of splootering art.
by The most awesome July 6, 2011
Saggy Splooter, when the outer labia is in constant contact with the anus. The urethral opening is always visible.
Ryan met his demise upon entering Cheryl's Saggy Splooter
by ColMoleman May 4, 2020
An exceptionaly wide vagina.
Gertha attempted to insert the tampon into her Splooter but it constantly fell out
by ColMoleman May 4, 2020