Rubbing food all over ones self for sexual enjoyment. Any kind of food will do, as long as it edible.
The girl got wet and messy when she was splooshing, but she sure did taste good!
by HotMovies May 06, 2008
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OMG While watching Magic Mike I was splooshing so hard you could take a bath it in.
by Thawane October 30, 2012
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Synonymous to shwing coined by Wayne's World, sploosh is an onomatopoeia representing sexual release (male or female), and is therefore a symbol of arousal and attraction to another person.

Can also be coupled with a hand being extending from one's pelvic region, to physically represent said release.
Chick 1: Oh wow did you just see that guy's 6 pack?? He's so hot. Sploosh!
Chick 2: Oh yea for sure! Sploosh.
by dom_ski September 23, 2011
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a smoothie but better Made with:
1 peach
1 bannanna
1/2 cup SCD Homemade yogart
1/4 cup honey
Like on Holes were Zero and caveman survive stranded in a desert under a boat. All they have is Sploosh to eat and drink.
by Kayla December 07, 2003
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When one is partaking in smoking marijuana usually out of a bong and they laugh and/or cough while pulling the smoke causing the peice to fly out and bong water to squirt out.
Dude Mac was smoking out of the bong and she splooshed all over the carpet.

Bro that girl just f*cking splooshed.
by tallmantimbo March 01, 2019
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