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A combination of the words Spic and Civic. Spic being a derrogatory term used towards hispanics, and civic being a honda civic. These honda civics are dressed up with body kits, loud pointless exhausts, lighting upgrades, and stickers representing parts that aren't actually part of the car in an attempt to make the car seem fast.
Me: yo enrico you fucking spic, why are u driving that spivic? I know you have a trans am, you should be driving that instead!
Enrico: the trans am is faster, it looks better, it handles better, but my civic has a cheap body kit and a loud muffler... i love it
Me: It's not a civic, its a spivic
Enrico: i love to race my civic at the local meets
Me: you're not a racer, you're a ricer... i'm going to cook some uncle ben's two minute rice in ur muffler and feed it to your poor spic family
Enrico: thanks homeboy
by importman99 October 02, 2005
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a honda civic modified with stickers, badges and neon lights by a hispanic person; generally made to seem fast but includes no actual performance modifications.
damn quique, your spivic is so fast now that you put that NEUSPEED sticker on the windshield!
by Chris Tall August 19, 2005
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