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syn. for Lucky Pierre

the meat in a dude sandwich, often involved getting/giving anal ALSO administering oral to a Luckier Pierre.
Dude, that guys walkin funny, and has a suspicious glow to his face...what a fuckin Spivak.
by RRDCLKMGDJ November 02, 2004
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A Spivak lures, hits on, and attempts to engage in sexual conduct with females who have already experienced sexual relations with members of his own family. A Spivak will consistently pick up the sloppy seconds of his brothers, cousins, and even his own father. A Spivak is incapable of meeting women on his own, thus seeks to trail the tail of his more popular family members.
"I can't believe that guy is chasing after yet ANOTHER girl his brother already fucked - gross! What a Spivak..."

by UrbanEditor1961zzzz December 03, 2008
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