A female of such tiny frame and size it would be possible to spin her 360 degrees during sex
A spinner is for example Someone under 5 ft and with a size 6 frame. Easy to spin during sexual intercourse with even the weakest hand
by its just a spot of YP April 10, 2011
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Rims that run on a separate axle and pin even when the wheel is stopped.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
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Spinner defined: A spinner is a fit, petite woman typically around 96-100 lbs or so. The literal meaning is a woman that you can spin while she is riding your penis. But more to it speaks to her sexual ability, like a gymnast or athlete. You can spin her into many positions with ease, or she spins all over your body. But a spinner is a healthy, good looking, willing, wanting sexual explorer too.
My favorite type of woman is a spinner.
by timJenson September 25, 2016
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A Spinner is a Hot little female that is 5 foot high or under and weighs under 100 pounds. They are extremely sexy and horny. you are able to pick them up during sex and literally "Spin" them, so to speak. use your imagination, people.
"hey did u see that littleSpinner at the bar last night? yep, I would spin her like a airplane propeller, if I didn't have this ED problem"
by 2ndhandjoke February 20, 2010
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A petite escort 80-110lbs small boobs small waist no taller than 5"4 when she puts her ankles together her thighs don't touch.
I found a nice spinner girl on backpage can't wait to spin her on my dong
by Darknessunbound July 14, 2015
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the gayest rimes ever created. good for fucking around with like the 20 doller plastic spinners.
damn fool look at my 15 inch spinners
by GANGSTA pirooz September 13, 2005
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Austarlian slang - The cigarette that is mixed in with marijuana when chopping up.
by Don Draxel III November 13, 2003
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