1. Ketamine
2. Often obtained by breaking into animal hospitals, this liquid-state tranquilizer can be poured over a mirror, dried, and diced into a powder ready for rave-happy snorting.
Let's get tweeked on some special k at the rave tonight.
by deplemisher April 25, 2003
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1. A psychoactive drug
2. A nutritional (yet delicious) cereal
3. A nickname for mentally challenged people whose name begins with K
1. Woo, I just did a whole bunch of Special K
2. Mmmmmmmm. Special K
3. Good for you, Special K
by brand089 January 3, 2008
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Slang for Ketamine Hcl, a dissociative anesthetic used in medicine on both humans (typically in young burn victims) and animals. Also used at lower doses as a recreational drug with effects similar to those of PCP or DXM (though Ketamine lasts much shorter). Typically insulfated or injected intramuscularly.
by J June 21, 2003
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otherwise known as ketamine,k. special k is a dissociative that can either be snorted or injected into the muscle. it makes you unable to control your body like a tranquilizer would. what it does on the mind is another story. it sems like you enter into a different world were you dont understand anything that is going on.
eg a friend of m ine didnt understand what she was meant to do with a chair. ie what way she was meant to sit on it.
by sam February 17, 2004
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The drug ketamine. It's usually used as a horse or large animal tranquilizer.
"I just did some special k, man" *falls down*
by Paul Wall. May 10, 2003
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1)Ketamine; usually snorted, if consumed in small amount makes you feel drunk and happy,if taken in a big amount puts you in a k-hole
i was doing bumps of k all night last night... everything felt mad weird
by sfmar May 2, 2005
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a wicked good cereal. sometimes with red berries.
what are you having for breakfast?
oh just a box of special k
by lizcarr November 13, 2005
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