To be very successful without trying. Basically to be a lucky cunt.
When someone flukes a pot in a game of pool the phrase 'you spawny git' would be appropriate.
by Paul December 4, 2003
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a term in golf that means really lucky, eg. after u have hit ur shot it bounced infront and then over the bunker, theres plenty of different situations it can be said in
person1: (hits shot) get over that bunker... yes!!
person2: u spawny bastard, if that was me that would be in the bunker
person1: i guess my golf ball has ears

person2: no ur a spawny bastard!!
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) August 25, 2009
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to be a lucky sod of the highest order.
Joe W was spawny as hell on 7th Aug 2020
by dextersminion August 7, 2020
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Someone who has been so incredibly lucky, jammy, or spawny that you envy their success.
“You won the Lottery? You spawny get!”

He just potted every ball on the table in a single break. What a spawny get.
by Spangleburger August 28, 2020
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Getting killed by a player who just spawned (or, a spawnie) while playing a combat game, typically one with spawn protection; The opposite of getting spawn killed.
"Dude, don't camp there, that's a spawnpoint. You're gonna get spawnied."
by jojieje September 16, 2019
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