Sudden and violent but brief, fitful, intermittent
"Excuse me, Sir, but can you tell me why my hand is being spasmodic right now? It won't stop twitching."

The stick-shift car with the first-time driver inside appeared to be spasmodic to bystanders.
by minibeanz23 June 12, 2011
1. An abbreviation for Spasmodically_Insane. 2. One of the most screwed up people you will ever meet. 3. Better then any Platano...
"SPASMOD what are you doing?"
"SPASMOD you have issues"
"You are way better then those fag Platanos SPASMOD"
by Spasmodically_Insane February 26, 2004
Weird-sounding speech-impediment that causes periodic bouts of uncaring behavior towards fellow humans.
Maine Congresswoman Susan Collins is apparently no longer "the people's senator" (if she even actually WAS ever for us to begin with, which is doubtful!) --- she takes big money from mega-biz interests, votes against the basic interests of "the little guy", and to top it all off, she TALKS FUNNY! Sounds like a classic case of spasmodic dysphobia to me.
by QuacksO September 20, 2020
something that happens on and off
here and there through the city, machine guns and rifles broke the silence of the night, spasmodically...
by Angels Will Come October 5, 2018