Repeatedly smacking someone on the butt to cause pain, usually with a flat object
1)for discipline
2)for sexual purposes.
1) If you don't do your chores I will spank you.
2)I have been a naughty girl spank me harder. I need more spanking.
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by Baby panda3333 October 08, 2017
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A description of remarkable high quality and style; implying significant gratification to be had from the described object.

Taken and enhanced from the old fashioned version meaning "very" - (i.e. "Brand Spanking New") and combining it with the sexual nature of the act of spanking - there is an erotic edge to this word.
As if that which you are describing will give you some form of sexual pleasure, either express or implied.
Hey - your boots are totally spanking!

Wow, that new album is spankingly good!
by malc December 07, 2004
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A slap on the bottom with either the hand or a tool such as a belt that is given usually bent over the lap so the bottom is sticking skyward and therefore makes it easier to spank. Spankings are often given on the bare bottom or on panties (or male undies) pulled tight, but this does not mean it cannot be given over pants... It's simply not as effective however. Hits can range from hard to light which are referred to as love taps, and are usually given to girlfriends or wives. Spankings usually last for 40 medium spanks, or 20 hard spanks, plus some leg spanks.

Spankings are given as punishment or for sexual pleasure.
by HavaGanda November 01, 2015
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Procrastinating, often by web surfing online. Goofing off by enjoying yourself instead of getting something done. Refers specifically but not exclusively to masturbating ("spanking the monkey"), especially while looking at porn online.
Am I interrupting?
Nah, just spanking. What's up?
by Sir Yelof April 30, 2007
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ite guys im spanking soon, i think I'm gonna spank, she's such a spankette, i think he's a spanko, he needs to stop being a spankings direct.
by Duncan Levz June 14, 2010
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