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meaning - large forehead
Originated at Parklands Secondary school, Bexley, (UK) in 1970's
On his first day at the school, follically challenged and slightly effiminate French Language Teacher Mr Samuel Pam was powerless to prevent 1,200 boys adopting a new craze of slapping each others foreheads and coining the phrase Spamhead after we saw that he signed his name SPAM on our report cards.
Mr Pam valliantly endured 12 years of this torture before taking early retirement.
Term later went on to be used as a general discription for anyone who committed the cardinal sin of being boffin or acting a "bit gay"
Teacher - "why did you hit Jones?"
Boy A - "Well, he was being a spamhead"
Boy B - "No i'm not he spammed me for nuffink!
by Daveyboy Snotling January 23, 2007
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A Person with an unusally large forehead
Edward Cartwrite and brainy people somtimes have these unsally large foreheads
by Marc June 06, 2003
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A large quantity of fore head. bigger than 9cm. spam fritters spam cakes big juicy spam
pretty boy who finks he is sick n bops rand wid his hands down of pants. yo dat boys got a spam. Aka THOMAS ALAN WILLIAMS.
by lil b n jam February 16, 2005
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A stupid middle-aged person. Often balding.
I once worked as a teacher at a school where the headmaster was nicknamed "spamhead" because of his stupidity. The fact that he was bald also helped.
by Fred7689 March 27, 2007
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A very silly, or annoying person that has no idea what they're talking about, or doing for that matter. The spam refers to the complete crud between their ears (head).
Jon you are such a spamhead, underpants go on the inside!
by Chorizo wagon September 28, 2005
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