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Italian mom who has shit out about 10 kids...coincidentally all named "Antony"
Look at old lady Moretti, she was a spaghetti factory if I ever saw one.
by Angelo D July 30, 2008
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Done with 2 persons... let's say person A and person B

A shits in B's mouth
B vomits into A's Asshole
A shits vomitty poop into B's Ass
Finally, B poops into A's mouth.

There you have it, a spaghetti factory
I heard that Jake and Jim ate at the spaghetti factory last night. Jim has a really tummy ache.
by Christofer Sneed November 06, 2004
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Using your tounge to push poo out through your gaps in your teeth to make pooey strings like a Play Doh Spaghetti Factory. It may be your own poo or someone you do or do not know.
She shit on my lap on the way to a date party so I felt I needed to give her the Spaghetti Factory
by Tronicon September 04, 2010
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