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In computer programming, code which flagrantly violates the principles of structured, procedural programming. Usually this means using lots of GOTO statements (or their equivalent in whatever language is being used) - hence the term, which suggests the tangled and arbitrary nature of the program flow.

Spaghetti code is almost impossible to debug and maintain, and rarely works well.

Programmers who write spaghetti code usually learned to code in an unstructured language such as BASIC, and never bothered to update their technical knowledge when they progressed to more serious languages.
You want me to debug this freaking spaghetti code? Please tell me you're kidding.
by Greenie March 24, 2004
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In computer programming, a code that is poorly structured and which makes it hard to update because of multiple undocumented and unexpected links/dependencies. You touch it in one place and you see other things get broken or modified in an unexpected way. Just like sticky spaghetti - you pull one end and you see a number of places start moving.
This spaghetti code brings 5 different modules in an impact analysis.
I can either waste a week re-testing all of them or just re-write this piece from scratch in 2 hours.
by madcoder May 18, 2015
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Horrible, horrible, horrible code, but still (usually) fulfills it's intended purpose. The English equivalent would be "I is go store buy vodka drink drunk sergawsdawq zzzzzz uuuugh talk loud". It is completely screwed up in almost every way, but you still know it meant "I am going to the store. I will buy vodka. I will drink. I will get drunk. I will babble incessantly. I will pass out on the couch. I will wake up, go to work, and complain about my hangover."
Spaghetti Code:
2351 goto main_sub3;
2352 preventRaptor();
by iwtw10ot January 09, 2012
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The product of when some ignorant, over-confident fuckface writes in a hundred lines what you could write in a simple switch statement. This will undoubtedly include unneeded procedures and/or functions, unnecessary global variables, and unnecessarily abstracted include files. The purpose is to stroke the already inflated ego of said limp-dick programmer. And the result is that after management gets a clue and fires this jackass, you become the poor bastard who has to debug this pile of shit when it inevitably breaks down.
Security guard: What are you still doing here. It's seven o'clock. Shouldn't you be at home with your wife?

poor bastard: I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck Hank was trying to accomplish in this spaghetti code.
by Mark VZ December 11, 2006
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A coding style often executed by fucktards unaware of or to lazy to use proper structural coding styles. The term refers to how the code becomes a hard to untangle mass, mutch like spaghetti. The intent of code is clearer if functions, breaking, classes and loops are used, also you don't have to go through loads of lines searching about and there is a nice tree structure and bunnys start jumping about and doing a happy dance. There is no excuse, therefore, for coding such a messy way, because if people continue to do this there will be lots of people on fire(and not in a good way, see sexy lesbian orgy on fire).
Holy moley look at that evil spaghetti code:

1 INT r=0
2 PRINT "moo"
3 r = r + 1
4 IF r<10{
5 GOTO 1
6 }

I'll just clear it up and magically start using C instead of BASIC because BASIC sucks.

1 for{r=0;r<10;r++){
2 printf("moo");
3 }

Great, now I better get back to my sexy lesbian orgy on fire.
by Grimboy November 27, 2005
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