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The product of when some ignorant, over-confident fuckface writes in a hundred lines what you could write in a simple switch statement. This will undoubtedly include unneeded procedures and/or functions, unnecessary global variables, and unnecessarily abstracted include files. The purpose is to stroke the already inflated ego of said limp-dick programmer. And the result is that after management gets a clue and fires this jackass, you become the poor bastard who has to debug this pile of shit when it inevitably breaks down.
Security guard: What are you still doing here. It's seven o'clock. Shouldn't you be at home with your wife?

poor bastard: I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck Hank was trying to accomplish in this spaghetti code.
by Mark VZ December 11, 2006

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Surreptitiously rimming yourself with the mouth end of a bong belonging to somobody who has angered you, or whom you just hold general contempt for. Farting in the bong makes the gesture that much more meaningful.
My girlfriend's little-shit brother left his stupid bong at my house last weekend, after spilling it on my couch no less. So I gave it a Rusty Bong Polish before he picked it up again. I hope he tastes the Taco Bell I had earlier.
by Mark VZ December 18, 2006

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A person who rambles incessantly yet is incapable of verbally conveying an idea.
The meeting was going fine until Boomhauer started babbling about the cigarette machine. That's when Johnson got up and left.
by Mark VZ May 08, 2006

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A person of higher seniority than you who has contempt for you and who willfully goes out of his/her way to make your life miserable.
Not only did that neidermeyer not give me the day off for my aunt's funeral, he scheduled me to unload the salmon cart. I got there late and smelling like fish.
by Mark VZ October 17, 2006

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1. A mild insult heard between 8-10 year old boys on the playground.

2. Someone with little or no authority over you that is giving you a hard time and that you have no choice but to appease them (e.g. a history prof, person at the DMV, etc.)
1. Gimme the ball ya dick squeeze!

2. I meant to get us a couple of tallboys but this dick squeeze at the counter wouldn't break a six pack and I didn't have enough money.
by Mark VZ May 29, 2006

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A Pronounceable version of CLM, a "Career Limiting Move", or a "Career Limiting Maneuver". A momentary mistake that may have cost you a better life.
Showing up drunk at the office party and photo-copying my dick was a serious CLiM at that job.
by Mark VZ November 23, 2006

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A fraternity prank similar to a teabag where you lay your penis across the upper lip of an unconscious person, often documented with a photograph
Some freshman got all loaded and passed out by ten, so we gave him a dick mustache.
by Mark VZ April 04, 2006

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