when constipated, substituting a chocolate-covered frozen banana to space dock into a women's pussy
Last night my best girl and i went to the county fair and i space docked her inside the funhouse.
by e fuego August 27, 2008
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When a man shits into a womans vagina.
Brian squatted over her, lined it up, and began space docking.
by GarethLJ April 03, 2006
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Two objects namely one uncircumcised penis, and one other penis gently come together into a tip to tip union. once touching, the uncircumcised male then proceeds to encapsulate the other mans shaft creating a perfect vacuum seal.
Me and my jew bro went space docking last night... i was stuck for hours.
by Tates726 February 24, 2013
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the once common, now lost art of pooping into a girl's vagina, space docking is enjoying a resurgence of popularity, particularly in the midwestern and northeastern United States (most notably Chicago and New York City) that reminds many art historians/scatologists of the beginning of the renaissance that began in Italy in the 15th Century.
Sally didn't much appreciate Charlie's failure to disclose that he ate three bowls of chili before space docking with her last night.
by The Whaler March 15, 2006
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The act of defecating directly into one's vagina. Like a space ship attempting to dock to a space station, "space docking" involves very accurate control and near-perfect alignment of the two orifices.
"Hey baby, want to try space docking tonight?"
by cyberpimp April 02, 2006
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