A male is known for his large phallus and handsome looks.
Dude, that guy is southwood!
by Chris Northlog October 15, 2006
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Something that looks like a baby panda
That guy looks so much like a baby panda, he must be a southwood!
by Liz Tacoma May 21, 2008
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So … basically a school with the suckest football team they have the most fights just so ghetto you got the classical niggas with selfmade hoodies that think they are so gangg , the white people that vape in the bathroom , and the hoodrat girls that’s loud mouth for no reason . sometimes it can be fun it’s always gone fuck panoes hoe ass and definitely the funnest and most flunked out school .
nigga 1 : my highschool football team suck

nigga 2 : nigga you didn’t tell me you go to Southwood Highschool
by iliketotalkshit October 15, 2021
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