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"He is my cousin; and, he is only the fastest mouse in all
of Mexico. No! In all of the world."--Slowpoke Rodriquez
SPEEDY GONZALEZ (sic): "Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale! Vamos, ahora muchachos y gauchos."

"...The League of United Latin American Citizens argued that SPEEDY's cleverness and personality was a positive depiction of Mexicans.
-- Wikipedia
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When you find a prostitute and you want to hurry and get off as soon as possible. Possibly because your wife or girlfriend will be there soon.
Man, I found this streetwalker whore that didn't look half bad, unfortunately, I had to hit her with the speedy gonzalez because my bitch was coming through. I would have taken my time otherwise.
by Da Real J-Bone June 28, 2006
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When the passenger of a car gives a handjob to the driver whose pumping increases as the speed of the car increases. One must stop driving the stick shift if stopped at a red light. Usually the love juice ends up on the dash. If however the sticky substance lands on the windshield it may referred to as a hobo carwash. This doesn't not apply to road dome or any of the variants.
Yo Mike just bought some new armor all wipes for his car his girlfriend gave him one messy speedy Gonzalez

She says to me "the faster you go the faster I go"
by Juicy Jaekwon March 31, 2014
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