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1. A term sometimes used by writers to describe the common phenomenon in which they feel one or more of their characters has taken on a "life of its own" and talks back to them or pushes the plot in their own direction.

2. A strong attachment to a fictional or historical character and/or the story of said character; a habit of holding mental "conversations" with such a character; a sort of "imaginary friend" for grown-ups.
The story ended up going in a completely different direction than intended, as the author accidentally soulbonded the lead character, who then refused to be killed off.
by Stachelrochen May 15, 2004
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Soul bonders - like otherkin and their connection to animals - often hold themselves to either have a special connection to, or be a reincarnation of, a particular fictional character; this usually manifests as either strong feelings of closeness and/or the ability to hear the character's voice in their head at any given time.

If the fictional character is from anime or manga, the soul bonders will often refer to themselves as otakin or otakukin.
Yeah, she says that she's soul bonded to Severus Snape on the astral plane.
by greenycrimson May 25, 2008
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n., a soul created by the mental energy of another person/people, existing within the 'mental plane' of a person and not in the physical plane. Soulbonds are often fictional characters.

v., to experience the above.
Hero is her soulbond.

She was so understanding of that character that she ended up soulbonding him.
by Hime May 16, 2004
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n: Soulbonding-
The peculiar notion that one can have a friendship with fictional characters.

n: Soulbond- A character that one who does this claims to do it with.

v: To `Soulbond` is to engage in this oddity.
This guy talks about the Harry Potter books like they were real events. 5-to-1 says that he soulbonds.
by Shiro November 04, 2003
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