Often used sarcastically, with the implication that something may not happen as "soon" as suggested.

Commonly used by video game manufacturers when announcing something that is in the works that may not yet have a predicted release time frame.
The newest update for -insert video game series here- will be released soon™.
by Audrec January 24, 2017
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Describes something that we are told is coming soon (game updates, TV shows, etc.) but we have heard it enough times to know better. Whoever is saying x event will occur soon is considered to own the trademark on the word because they have used it so many times.

See soon (tm)
We're adding new stuff to the website Soon

Like what?

Idk, but we're doing it Soon™
by Extatic December 8, 2015
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The zenyte release date.
Superman: Dude, they finally announced the Zenyte release date
Jedzio: OMG, when is it?
Noele: soon™
by Noele111 February 5, 2019
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an event that is communicated to occur within a relatively short timespan but in reality it is known to all parties that it will not occur for a relatively long time.
the new user interface will be released soon™
by _NULL_ May 2, 2022
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"It could happen really soon or perhaps far off, Definitely not forgotten, Maybe a long while away, But certainly immediately, Not right now though but later, Not too much later but maybe."
by Naigaru November 17, 2017
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