One of the most greedy and dishonest electronic companies out there. They started out with just PC's and TV's, but in 1995, they released the Sony PlayStation. Since then, they have used dirty tactics to push themselves ahead in the market scheme. Such as keeping people away from Nintendo because they have "kiddie games." Also saying that other consoles explode out of nowhere. Also saying their own laptops explode, because of a programming error. This is all just to get more money. Sony is definitely not a pure company. They don't care about their gamers at all, and just want to hoard tons of cash.

Ironically, "Sony" roughly translates to "Tyrant."
Wade: Should I get a PS3?

Me: No fucking way. It's ugly as shit, has no good games, and probably has another one of Sony's "programming errors." Get a Wii or an XBOX 360 instead.

Random Jackass Fanboy: sony iz teh fuckin haxxorz u faggetard i iz teh gonna FUCKIN KILL U!!!1!one

Me: Congradulations! You're now property of the greediest electronic copany on earth.
by The random jerk August 22, 2007
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To bail or back out of previous plans, due to giving in to threats or pressure.
Yo dude, why you pull a Sony on us last night. We waited for you dude.
by Heimir Han December 20, 2014
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A company defined best in one word, asshole.

Sony is responsible for the death of SEGA in the console business and The Emoji Movie...
Sony killed SEGA and our eyes with the emoji movie
by Insert-name February 12, 2018
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the ones how killed lime wire just to get a few more dollars, well to bad i shall use frost wire now he he he
Sony is so hungry for your money they would sue your mother just for the tax rights on your name.
by Justin the guy who is a guy February 18, 2011
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A Multi-Trillion company That offers a large variety of products including; Robots PlayStation Video Game Consoles Semiconductors Stereo Systems Televisions Walkman Music Players Sony Ericson Cell Phones Vaio Laptop And Desktop Computers Cameras Software And More They have a history of supporting new formats such as bluray. They also controll a large amount of the music iand Video inistory.
James: "Sony is 'Da bomb!"
Gretchen: "I know, right? "
by itsmegagan July 12, 2011
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The auto-corrected version of shit.
I love to play with my Sony.
by tipsyturnsy July 18, 2017
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