Someone or something that cannot be described in words. It's not a good thing, but a great one.
Natjoh: guess what happen?
Moe: what?
Natjoh: chicken butt, haha
Moe: lol, you're something else
Natjoh: thanks :) so are you
by 350zk August 4, 2009
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Person or happenstance with unusual, funny, quirky, and strange -- perhaps bizzarre -- qualities
Michael Jackson is FOR SURE something else.
by Bill Peters October 14, 2006
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A way of declaring that you are going to drink, without really declaring it. Very convienient.
No thanks, I don't want to go to the show. I'd rather spend my money on something else.
by whiteoutisgood May 21, 2006
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When someone busts a Johnny Love (See 'Johnny Love')
Man, the fact that Aimee entered herself into the urban dictionary is something else...
by Z32 April 27, 2004
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On November 4, 2020, CNN labeled Indigenous peoples as SOMETHING ELSE on the U.S. voters poll.
by Anishinabeekwe November 5, 2020
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Someone who is not normal, and hence "something else".
-"Tyler put on his gf's underwear then shoved a wine bottle up his ass"
-"Wow that kid really is something else"
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