Japanese word meaning "I see" or "ok." Might be used by people who use words like baka and gomen.
Person 1:And that's why anime should be shown uncut on tv.
Person 2:Soka.
by AnimeGuy April 17, 2004
soka is a mexican slang word for ultimate bitch..... a combination of ranker and leva... a sellout and scardie cat combined... example :he not only didn't want to rob the store, he called the cops... what a soka
that soka wouldnt back up his buddies agianst another gang
by jerrytherat November 3, 2009
Comes from a Jamaican background and means a type of Dance.
Come lets go and dance to soka.
by Gee Gee July 15, 2004
A wannabe gang member who acts tuff online but can’t back up there mouth
Oh shit homie it’s a soka nvm they don’t actually bang nothing to worry about
by CEO BOY August 20, 2019
A Slang word Mexican america males use in the inner city Barrios. describing a female sucker . A female who is being played , used, & Abuse
Look at that girl she is a huge SOKA everyone including her knows man is playing her. " Look at that dumb ass SOKA
by Sp1derM1ke ELA3CE September 24, 2017
A lame guy who doesnt mind being taken advantage of by women.
Man that able , he's a real soka...
by Short nasty November 14, 2017
its all good, everythings good..eveythings alright
Q: so are we still on for saturday?
A: We be soka, se ya then
by minorly-crazy August 4, 2009