She is a sweet delicate person, Has a bad temper and slight ADHD, She can do multiple things she's very capable of hexing people and cursing them.
Omg ur like Soffie!!
by jshisjsisjsus April 4, 2021
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A blend word from "soft" and "comfy." Our 2-year old coined this when she asked to wear her favorite "soffy" sweatshirt.
That shirt looks so cozy and soffy!
This is my favorite soffy blanket.
by soffymom November 2, 2018
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1. A Dolphin

2. A galdem with massive blue eyes and a ghetto booty who likes to whip her hair back and forth like a G6.
1. "I feel to feed you fish...Soffi"

2. "Soffi, do I have feet?"
by Aaaaaaaaaaaarrggh! November 23, 2010
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an evil cat with evil ideas...will take over household
by timetodanceallnight March 30, 2008
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