The inadvertant and annoying removal of one's sock when removing your boots or shoes.

Similar to a wedgie....but the opposite....and on your foot....
These god damn boots give me a friggin sockey every time I take them off!!
by YeeHAA December 6, 2006
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Nowadays, it's more in the minor leagues that they play the old Eye-sockey.
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1. a person that looks like a catfish / gomez / john
2. resembling the main character in 1993's philadelphia
3. a person who hides weed in a sock out in their lawn
Damn, he looks like a sockey dew!
by Blonde Thug Ish October 15, 2007
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Hong Kong movie style martial arts.

Popularised by Nigle Buckland of Vids.
"Hey, Steffy boy, that Jackie Chan is a top, low-centre-of-gravity, chop sockey master"
by farge bofflenerp November 3, 2009
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a missconception. Atcually meant to be SOck Rocky, but it got twisted around to form a whole new game... a game so powerful that only the greatest of Champions are allowed to participate
I am an Elephant, and you are just a Rock sockey
by SwissCheeseMan October 12, 2004
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Fudge. Browneye. Winkin' and stinkin'.
A homosexual male who desire to another male sphincter is mighty strong.
I'm gonna cruise the rest stops and get me some sockeye tonight.


Piebald done stuck it to Sockeye's ass real good.
by amosjudd April 21, 2005
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very similiar to the flailing salmon but the sex is anal rather than vaginal.
After years of perfecting the Flailing Salmon, Jim finally got up enough nerve to try the Sockeye Salmon. He dropped more loads than UPS.
by feeldasteel August 21, 2008
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