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To use the sock that you are wearing to clean up a small spill on the floor.
Lazier and quicker then getting a towel.
After spilling some coffee on the kitchen floor, Doug performed a sock mop and that kept his girlfriend happy.
by Richard Wadington December 11, 2008
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When you utilise your sock to soak up urine from around a toilet bowl, usually at the public john or at the house of someone whom you seek to impress. Upon gazing at the floor, you realize that you, or another, has urinated everywhere except in the toilet. You have either used all the paper, or are about to, so the decision is made to use your sock to absorb the stray urine, thereby protecting your downed trousers from the same fate, and/or sparing you the burden of being suspected of errant micturition. Either way, your foot spends the day's balance swathed in festering piss. Oh well, at least you won't get tinea.
"Man I was at Christina Applegate's the other night and I pissed all over her floor!"

"Noooo! What did you do?"

"Bro I used the Sock Mop..... Say, do you smell ammonia?"
by Coelacanthus August 22, 2014
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To grow out your pubes extensively long, dip your balls in lotion and rub them all over someones forehead.
Maria: What did you two do last night?

Roxanne: He gave me a sock mop all night long.

Maria: Awe cool.
by Clout Daniels May 13, 2009
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