Another name for urine (pee, potty, tinkle, piddle, piss, töpfchen, etc.)
A urinal is a plumbing fixture used for collecting and then disposing of micturition.
by Telephony August 21, 2013
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A phrase used to indicate the fact that something or somebody reeks a little.
A bit stronger than pee you!!! but not ***NEARLY*** as strong as piss you!!!.

FYI micturition is another name for pee.
Micturition you! That cup of yogurt I just opened is a bit stinky. Must have gone off a few days ago.
by Telephony April 6, 2015
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That involuntary crazy-go-nuts wiggle dance that you get sometimes after you pee. Check out the sciencey stuff on Wikipedia.

Also known as a peegasm or pee shivers.
Buddy 1: Hey, Buddy 2, this morning I had to take a huge leak and I totally got post-micturition convulsion syndrome afterwards.

Buddy 2: Alright, Buddy 1! I totally got post-micturition convulsion syndrome this morning too! High-five!

Buddy 1: I guess this makes us post-micturition convulsion syndrome pals!

Both: HA HA HA HA!!!111ExclamationpointOnezorz
by I love to piss November 30, 2007
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A nice, clever, and quite suitable-for-work way of saying pissing contest. Perfect for business meetings that degenerate into pointless arguments.
"Wow, Rod and Paul sure turned that discussion into a micturition competition."
"Gentleman, let's take a moment before this obvious micturition competition goes any further."
"If I'd known this meeting was going to turn into a micturition competition I'd have worn old shoes."
by BandageMan September 8, 2022
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